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by Maryland Registered Agent Inc

Maryland Filing Tips

Maryland Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get your signature?

We have all the forms available to you instantly in your online account. They are pre-signed and pre-populated.

How do I get proof of filing back from the SDAT?

You have to pay the extra $5 for a certified copy. Even if you expedited your filing, the certified copy part will come back in 8 weeks. You HAVE to submit your filing in duplicate. If you pay for the $5 certified copy and don’t submit in duplicate, they will just not process your order.

How can I expedite the filing?

We recommend you fax file. It costs an extra $50. The fax filing order sheet is in your online account.

I can’t get the SDAT to answer the phone.

We have a variety of different phone numbers we’ve accumulated and they are in your online account. They never answer the phone. BUT we have found that if a female leaves a voicemail they WILL return the phone call. They do NOT return phone messages left by a male voice. We don’t actually believe that anyone has a duty to actually answer their phone. We do have a bunch of random phone numbers, but they seem to be desk phones of random people that work there. We recommend having a female call a couple numbers and leave a voicemail and say a little prayer, or if you’re not religious you could mediate on it, or whatever floats your boat, and they will probably call you back IF it’s a female voice that leaves the message. We have actually never had a return phone call with a male voicemail, but in testing with a female voicemail after a male’s voicemail, they will call the female voicemail back and never call the male voicemail back at all.

Do you provide resident agent services for the City of Baltimore Licenses?

Yes! After signing up for services just email us the form you are trying to file. We will fill out our part, sign it, and email it right back to you. If the department you’re trying to register with requires original signatures, we will mail it back to you.

I don’t have a resident agent in my home state. Why do I need one in Maryland?

You probably have a registered agent. A registered agent and resident agent are the same thing.